Tuesday, 27 August 2013

In bed, where all my good ideas come from!

I have never quite understood these blog things. As many of my friends and family and colleagues will no, I am not cool. They say I am, but it's with a pity in their eyes and that sad smile that usually is followed by "you are cool, in your own way". I know what that really means. Anyway, I've decided to start one, and here's the reason why....

So, I often do this thing where I spend my time in bed not tossing and turning or actually sleeping but instead thinking of unnecessary rubbish that actually won't affect my waking life and even if it could I probably won't act on it. I will admit the majority of my late night thinking is daydreaming about my life turning into a modern day rom com... I know, time well spent right?

Well not tonight. Tonight it took a slightly different turn. Tonight I was thinking about how I spend my late night ponderings thinking about myself. About how there are people I know that have it hard and that I probably don't help enough. Little things I could do that would perhaps make a big difference rather than thinking about what I am going to spend my next months wages on (for anyone that knows me, they know it will be shoes and cocktails!).

Now I know quite a few people that have done those charity things where you go off for a month and help out communities overseas. And it looks and sounds amazing but I also have a full time job. I didn't go to uni. I never got those long summers off and I can't afford not to have a job. I pay rent and i have serious shopping addiction.

So, thinking about it, I have had an idea. I am known among my friends etc to not really have that thing that most people have.... Shame I think it's called. Now I'm not talking girls peeing in the street after a night out not having shame. I'm talking more, will quite happily dance down the street in the middle of the day while singing wildly out of tune lack of shame. I figure, I don't care what other people are up to, why should they care that I look like an absolute fool?

I figure it's time to put this quality of mine to good use and raise some money for some charity.

Now I may be limited due to working Monday to Friday 9-5 but I have weekends, evenings and I am pretty sure I can convince my boss to be a little flexible on my work attire now and then. So my plan is this:


I am thinking I will start with a good old fashioned kissing booth. Although this might  have to be a walking, talking kissing parade of sorts depending on rules. I don't know if there are any regarding this. I suppose spread of infection is a health and safety risk. I figure the worst I could get is herpes?! That's curable right? Good. So mobile kissing booth it is! I just need to rope in my friends to make the sign and possibly follow me round with breath freshener...

After the kissing booth my ideas generally go like this...

Hula hoop marathon (well a weekend long hula hooping - might have to be a relay)

Car wash (I'm thinking whole bikinis shebang. Depending on weather and location)
Now this one is dependent on my company - wearing a fake beard for a week. Everywhere. No taking it off. This will have to be accompanied by some sort of round the neck sign I think...

So on my quest to raise money... And actually I should mention who I am raising this for.

I am planning to raise money for Autism. But for something very particular.
I know two very special boys that are autistic. Both them and their families are incredible and I am amazed by what they have dealt with and continue to deal with. It is not easy living with someone with autism and a lot of people are completely oblivious to what it is like. It is hard work. It is constant and it changes lives.
What most people don't know is that there is very little help. Children have to leave school at 19 and then parents get no respite. Nothing. Unless you are fortunate enough to afford help.

There are a team of mums that have rallied together to fight for their children, to support each other and others that have found themselves thrown into this unknown world with little information and little support. It will be them I will give the money to. I know they will do fantastic things with it. Organise respite days for parents, days out for the children and much much more.

So my quest is this. To put my ridiculous nature to good use. To use it for a good cause. And my question to you (you lovely people actually reading this) is "do you have any ideas?!"... Give me ideas! Anything you think I can achieve (I am willing to do almost anything, except shave my hair off. I'll keep my hair) I want to know about! 

No matter how stupid you think your ideas are or how unlikely you think I am to do it, I still want to know. If you want to join in with me on your suggestion I am so up for that! Or if you want me to come along and join you in something you are doing, that's good with me too. Two heads are better than one right?

So spread the word, get it out there. Hope Anscomb is willing to do almost anything for a good cause, bring on the ridiculous suggestions!!!

Hope...... Out

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