Friday, 30 August 2013

Kiss me...... QUICK

Well hello again.... And so soon!

So, this blog (not going to get used to saying that for a while. Feels too modern and cool!), is about the start of this fundraising challenge I have set myself. To prove that I am not talking out of my backside it is starting this weekend. Tomorrow in fact!

I have decided to start with my original idea of a walking, talking, probably giggling, mobile kissing booth (I.e. me and a sandwich board).

So originally tomorrow evening was Girls Night. Which generally involves cocktails, talking about boys, laughing too much, eating popcorn and then when we are good and tipsy (not drunk, it's a pretty big hill to walk up from our place!) then we head out and wreak havoc on the town of Bromley. This is still the plan.... HOWEVER, the wonderful guys at O'Neils in Bromley have agreed to let me parade myself around their pub selling my lips for a good cause! Fabulous!

So my saturday has taken a slightly new turn.....

The plan.......
My wonderful partner in crime Jen is going to assist me in making a sandwich board. This will start tomorrow afternoon. There will be paints, glitter, drawing, more glitter, maybe some wine (for us), crayons, a little bit more glitter, sequins and just because.... MORE GLITTER!!!! I love an arts and crafts afternoon! 

So once the sandwich board has been constructed (with a price list of course), I get a little bit of dutch courage... (I may be shameless but i dont know what or who I might find myself kissing), having avoided all smelly foods during the day, we will be marching off to O'Neils in Bromley for an evening of god knows what! 

I am hoping my girlfriends will assist in the regulation of kissing. I am slightly concerned I will get limpeted onto by an over zealous pensioner but I suppose it all makes for a good story (and that's what I will keep telling myself!) on the other hand I could find myself attached to a dreamboat.... This is the outcome I want you to all keep your fingers crossed for! For this reason I may have to make some of the pricing "negotiable" ;)

Anyway, have gone slightly off script. 

What I need to tell you all is that I also now have a just giving page.

Here is where all you lovely people can support me in all my silliness and fun!

Assuming you are all hip and happening and joined the 21st century ages ago you probably all have Instagram.... Well if you do this is where a photo diary of my adventures will be viewable to all who has any mild interest in my life... I like to keep it simple plus I after checking Facebook (which I think is a pretty good indication) I am pretty sure I am the only Hope Anscomb in the world so you have guessed it, my Instagram is........ *drum roll* hopeanscomb

I know. Don't judge me. I was feeling particularly non creative that day.

So now you have all the information there is only one thing for you to do... Well actually I lied, you really have two options.....

1. Get your arse down to O'Neils and give me a smooch (or watch from a safe distance, don't want to make you feel awkward!)
2. Donate if you can't make it

Even if you don't want to kiss me then you should still pop down. A band called The Chaps are playing and boy are they good! I think it is a testament to how good they are that this is the SEVENTH time I am seeing them! Look them up

So in conclusion, I hope to see you there, if not don't worry. There will be plenty more opportunities to join in! And throw me any ideas! All still welcome! I can't do the activities and think of new ones all by myself!

Hope....... Out

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