Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Not sure I've thought this through....

Hello all you lovely people

So after the HUGELY successful mobile kissing booth I am upping my game! I mean at the time it seemed pretty crazy but considering what I am about to embark on it was kinda lame!! Standing in a pub kissing willing men for charity seems kinda easy now.... I mean it WAS ridiculous... the sandwich board made peeing REALLY difficult although I suppose it is good practise for when someone insane enough decides to marry me.... Anyway, off topic, as usual!

So this challenge (and challenge is definitely the correct word to use!) is going to be 24 hours of hula hooping. Now those of you sniggering at that being a challenge.... Stop. Think. When did you last hula  hoop?! Me, probably under the age of 11....!!

So I decided on this as my next challenge without really thinking about it but am following through!! And a couple of weekends ago I thought, well, I should probably look at getting a hula hoop, which lead to me trying out multiple hoops in a very small shop in Camden (oddballs if anyone is looking for a hula hoop!). Turns out I am not thaaaat bad but then I was restrained by time due to the fact that other customers wanted to get into the shop.... So I picked my hula hoop and that is due to arrive on Thursday (queue having to get it home on the tube and many evil evil stares!)

So I suppose I should explain what is actually going on with this whole hula hoop marathon!

I will be hula hooping for 12 hours, going home and sitting in a bath of deep heat, and then coming back and doing it all over again for another 12 hours! I am obviously allowed to break for peeing, eating, if I cramp up.. at which point one of my wonderful team will hopefully step in (I have warned them to get practising!).

So fact and figures. Keeping it simple....

Date: 5th and 6th October
Location: The Pavilion Leisure Centre, Bromley
Time: 8am til 8pm and then again 8am til 8pm
Challenge: 24 hours hula hooping

Maybe the gym will erect this of me when I complete my challenge!! 

Now I won't only be hula hooping (as if that isn't enough!) we will also be having a cake sale. Lots of lovely homemade cakes with all proceeds also going to our charity, Autism Trust.
We will have some hula hoops available for kids to join in and have a go! Let's face it, I am going to need the moral support! Although if a child can do it better than me, parents will have to donate double ;)

As well as all this going on, the leisure centre itself has a cafe, ten pin bowling, restaurant, kids soft play area, swimming pool and gym so even when you are bored of my hip swinging hula-ing there is plenty to hang around for!

Also..... Now pay attention to this bit, especially anyone who has always wanted to get their own back or just generally embarrass me....

I am accepting additional challenges..... If you want to challenge me to do something in particular WHILE I hula you are welcome to. There is a minimum donation of £10 for this. But the sillier the better. Although this has limits!
No nudity
No animal involvement
No risk of me breaking a limb
No fire
You get the picture.....

But if you want to see me try and eat an ice cream or paint a mug while hula hooping then bring it on!!!

I will update you on my progress and practice - queue some long evenings and bubble wrapping all the china at home! 

So until then please read, share, the usual. Get practising your hula hooping and I shall speak to you all very soon! :)

And please don't forget my donation page

Hope...... Out

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