Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bathing in the glow


That's how much we made in ONE evening. I was gonna build up the suspense and get you all excited and eager for it but I am so darned excited and proud that I had to let it out!

So in one short evening we managed to raise almost £300 for a VERY good cause and this is just the beginning.... I promise there is ALOT more to come!

So I suppose you all want to know what happened, all the juicy gossip, the details, the photos.... Well you have come to the right place!

It all started at our house. Jen (partner in crime), Kels (creative director), Ellise (PR Manager) and I (idiot) spent the afternoon on our hands and knees, covered in paint, glitter, felt and glue singing along to what can only be described as the BEST PLAYLIST EVER CREATED, making my sandwich board.

With a quick break for some non-smelly food for lunch (isn't it funny how when you are told you can't have something - in my case garlic - that's all you want!) and then some scrubbing down and glamming up, it slowly started to dawn on me.... What the HELL have I done?!

But I drank my gin and to nice and, once we got the glitter safely out of the house, I manned up and we set off into Bromley... A this point I would like to thank all owe that beeped, waved or "whooped" at us, but next time.... STOP AND DONATE! :)

Obviously, to make the most of our evening we got there nice and early, perhaps a little too early... We walked in and it was like out of a western movie.... All heads turned towards me, it was tense... Well, until my team (Team Pucker Up as they are formally known) then started the "Kiss for charity!"... "It's for a good cause!".... "She's a good kisser!" (My personal favourite) and the donations started coming in and the kissing started.... Now I won't take you kiss by kiss throughout the evening because as you may have guessed from the amount if money I raised I gave out quite a few kisses..... ;)


But I can safely say everyone at O'Neils last night was fab! Great crowd! Great music! Generous generous people! We met some characters that's for sure! Some great girls that are also big fundraisers, an Irish couple that just gave for the pleasure of giving, birthday boys, locals and all in between!

We finished the night on a huge high and couldn't believe how much we raised! I was expecting £100 not almost £300! And a quick big thanks to O'Neils and The Chaps for their support!

This has spurred me on and I am already planning my next event..... I can't confirm yet but when I do, you lovelies will be the first to know so keep reading, keep sharing and keep in mind Autism Trust. 

I hope you all as good a weekend as I had and a wonderful week to come! 


Hope...... Out 

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