Saturday, 15 February 2014

Silver Lining

"Thinking good thoughts is not enough, doing good deeds is not enough, seeing others follow your good examples is enough"

Firstly I think I am going to start this quote entry to my blog a and keep it going. I love a good quote...

Anyway, I suppose you all want to know how my auction and date went, I know we were all VERY excited! :)

Well, I am afraid I have sad news for you all, it turns out that not everyone bidding was genuine. 
My highest bidder when the auction finished on Tuesday 11th at 9am had decided he did not want to pay for his item (me!) and that he didn't want the date either.

As you can imagine I was pretty devastated. Not only was I angry at this guy but also completely embarrassed because I can't now provide that £620 to the charity that so desperately need it. 

Now I tried eBay, assuming that everything on their website was true and that bidding on an eBay item was a binding contract that you were then held to pay for if you won, no matter if you wanted the item or not (I have ended up with items I very much changed my mind on because i ended up as the highest bidder.) anyway, turns out all this was ABSOLUTE rubbish and eBay couldn't do anything. Apparently I can report said buyer but the most this would do is cancel account or restrict it which is next to useless! If anything I was mostly angry at eBay and just soooooo disappointed I didn't have my donation to give to The Autism Trust.....?! :( 

BUT my anger did not last long. The reaction of people has been amazing and it really goes to show that everything has a silver lining. I have had tweets from so many people supporting what I am doing, retweeting my challenges, raising awareness and people donating just to support the work the Autism Trust does. 
My story has made it all over the country and actually accross The Channel to Italy! I mean how insane is that!!?!?!

So, I may not have had a successful challenge this time, but other great things have come out of it. The message is spreading and I also have new support an followers for the rest of my year...

Ooh, now I suppose I should give you a little clue for my next challenge. Date is to be confirmed and details to be fine-tuned but I will be posing at a life-drawing model for a class in London. The payment I get for the evening will be donated to the charity, there will hopefully be a collection on the night and... although I had a bad experience with eBay this time... I am going to try again, and I will be auctioning off one drawing of me..... :S

Now I have no more details so don't get any expectations, especially as I have no idea how good the artist will be! But there we go, a little bit of a teaser to my next challenge! 

I definitely think it will be one of those things that I think is a good idea now, and will be a foolish endeavor when it gets to the day of the event!!! 

Now, I don't have much time to write this blog today because I am off out to a gig. That's right people, I actually have a life besides doing ridiculous stuff for charity! :P

So I all hope you had a lovely valentines day no matter who you were with or what you were doing! :)

I will definitely be keeping you updated very soon!

In the meantime, you know what I am going to ask... Keep sharing, keep spreading the message and keep throwing ideas at me! Remember, I will do almost anything!

Hope.... Out x

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