Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Your body is a wonderland

Well well well it's that time again

So, as you may know I had a bit of an Epic Fail last month with a glorious silver lining! I won't go over the details again as you all know what happened but it was a bit of a disappointment and a huge shame that such an exciting event and something that raised so much awareness ended up being a bit of a poo-fest.

However, as I have already said, eBay (after a bit of pressure from the papers) came through and helped raise over £2000 in the end! Which was WAY more than I could have raised. Seeing as the whole point of what I am doing is to raise money and awareness for The Autism Trust I am actually a bit over the moon! :)

I am still waiting for confirmation on the final amount and as soon as I have it you will be the first to know!

I tell you what though, this publicity and everything was a bit insane. I have NEVER had this much attention from the male population! I think I racked up 70something Facebook friend requests (only just a few more than I have actual friends!) and I suddenly have twitter followers. I am not sure I can take the pressure of entertaining people for long enough to keep them interested. I think I need a PR Manager! Anyone interested in the non-paying job of being my PR Manager? It involves telling me what to tweet, instagram, Facebook, pretty much control my technological life etc. Warnings: you WILL have to work with me, put up with my wild ramblings, argue me down when I say I don't want to do something (this will be the biggest challenge - I am rather stubborn. My flatmate Kelsey will testify for that!). If you think you can handle all that then please, apply via twitter. In case you wanna find me for anything socially media-ey like then I am pretty easy to find. I am not particularly inventive with my usernames... I pretty much use hopeanscomb for everything. So hit me up, or follow me. whatever the term may be.

So since my last challenge I haven't managed to go down to Polly's Place, which is the centre where the Autism Trust UK work out of, but am planning to go this weekend to meet the lovely Mo Wilson. They not only need the money I raise for them but I try to help out as much as I can. Unfortunately I cannot be there during the week when they need the most help, but I plan to help by writing grant proposals and anything else Mo needs my help with.

If you know anyone that wants to do some volunteering with some amazing people please let me know and I will get you in contact with Mo, they always need extra hands. There might even be something that you can do from home if you can't make it to the centre. I know we are organising an event in May that all hands on deck will be appreciated!

The Autism Trust are special. There has been some comeback at a charity based in the US at the moment that claim to help families affected by Autsim, but it seems now that they are not "helping" as much as they could be.

Children and adults with Autism are so often misunderstood as misbehaving or badly disciplined but with a little understanding and support these children are no different from others. With any child you focus on their strengths, you support them in their dreams no matter how big or small and you are there to create a world around them of love and where they feel safe. This should be the same for ANY child. It seems that some charities have forgotten that it is their job to help support families with this goal. The Autism Trust never loses sight of this aim. They provide so many families with support and share as much knowledge as they can through research they know of or through personal experience. 

Recently they had a "Crafternoon" where families were all welcome to take part in a fun, relaxed afternoon making mothers day gifts and cards. Simple it seem to some of you, therapeutic and an essential socialising opportunity.

There is another side to their centre there and Polly's place is also a shop, selling only handmade gifts made by those with autism or those supporting people with autism. They have beautiful things, perfect for mothers day. Take a look..... :)

So.... I suppose now you want to know what I am up to next. Now I gave people a bit of a clue previously and I suppose now it is all booked and definite I can reveal the plan.

Now this is not so much a big money maker but it is the ridiculousness that is the main point of this one, and who knows it might make some money!

So, the "juice" as my italian colleague loves to say...

On a "secret" date in March I will be posing as a nude model for a life drawing class!

Now in terms of the charity fundraising, I will be donating the money I get paid for the modelling to the charity, I will be doing a collection on the evening and then putting my trust in eBay again and put one or two of the drawings up for auction. 

I am doing this with the fabulous London Drawing (

They have been lovely enough to let me take part in their class where  I will be posing completely naked as a life drawing model. That's right, no clothes. zilch. zero.

I am ok about it at the moment but the time is creeping up and if I really think about it I am soooo nervous about it!

I am not sure if they prefer "curvy" or slim. Figure I should probably cut down on the cake anyway! Stop there being toooooo many rolls and crevices for them to have to draw!

I definitely should have asked the lady about the hair situation. You know what I mean... I am not talking about whether to wear my hair down or in a ponytail here... Ah well, I might just wing it. Figure they will be focusing on my curves and the soft shapes and less on my foliage!!! :S 

Oh my GOD this is going to be terrifying!

Anyway, I will keep you updated on when the drawings are to go online for auction soon enough and in the meantime keep me away from the CAKE!

Have a good week people!

Hope... Out x

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