Saturday, 26 April 2014

My Bad

"Time is flying never to return" - Virgil

As the title of this post mentions... My Bad - my bad for not being around much lately. Unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on how you choose to look at it) I have another life other than this ridiculous stuff. I have a real job and grown up stuff to do and organise. In fact work has really cranked up the pressure so I have been on full-time working and no time to take a break and write to you lovely people - whoever you may be. I am assuming you are all lovely. I mean if you are reading a blog about charity fundraising I feel it is a pretty decent assumption that you are good peoples. 

So I have been busy but now I have got a bit more of an equilibrium and am back on the fundraising bandwagon. I mean I am in no means going to get anywhere near this guy...

That is seriously impressive and inspirational! It's stories like these that should make us grateful for what we have. There are things happening to people all over the world (and probably on your street!) that you would never wish upon anyone so just remember - life is short. Do what you can to be happy and share it around!

So, I am afraid this month it is a little short notice and not particularly exciting... tomorrow me and my Rag Tag Team are off to do some bag packing at the local M&S. Thinking about it really, there are usually small boys or girls wearing scout or guide uniforms doing this. I wonder what the customers of M&S think about some twenty-somethings standing there asking to pack their bags. something to ask them all tomorrow I suppose.

So if you live in bromley or nearby and fancy dropping in to show some support, or point and laugh please do - although if you are planning on doing the latter I hope you have brought cash with you!

To make up for this not-so-ridiculous event I am planning on something a bit better for the next one and I have a meeting this week with someone about a marathon... of sorts. Think along the lines of the Hula-hoopathon but more ridiculous and perhaps even less thought through! 

Once I have more details I will let you know. Keep your fingers crossed for this lovely lady I am meeting to say yes!

Another bit of "news" on the fundraising front is that I have now got a date and a venue for my ball. Now because it has been a while since I have actually written one of these things (and I do not have the inclination to read back through all my previous posts) I am going to assume that I have actually never told you of my plan!

So, my plan is that at the end of my year I am holding a ball - and I think actually maybe I should call it a Jolly Good Time Partay. I am basing this on the fact that my friends and family and families of friends will be in attendance and the majority of them / us are not the most composed of people and when you say "ball" you think grand entrances, glamourous gowns and the most amazing etiquette.... yeah I think you get my point. So I am going with Jolly Good Time Partay.

Anyway, I have a venue, a date and am on the verge of getting a band. 

There will of course be food and as above - dancing - but I am also planning an auction, raffle and lots of party games! So look out for the tickets being on sale. I am aiming to get them out in June. 

What I am asking now is the IMPORTANT BIT! So I mentioned auction and raffle. What i would like all your fabulous help with is some prizes. If your company or friends or family have an experience or goodies or service they would be willing to offer up for my event i would be ETERNALLY grateful and you will be rewarded with good karma! :)

I am thinking beauty treatments, personal training, meals, drink, pampering, hotel stays.. you name it, I will make it a prize! If you have something that you think would fit this criteria please send me a message on Facebook!

Now you all feel a little less tense and relieved that you know what is going on in my life I shall get onto watching Greys Anatomy :) - if you don't watch it you should. I mean I have to say that Game of Thrones is now THE SHOW but Greys will always have a place in my heart and on my TiVo box!

Night all

Hope... Out

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