Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Guess who's back.... back again - hint: it's not slim shady

“I do not count what I fetch from Life, I do count what I give it in return” 

So I'm back 

I know I kinda failed everyone the last couple of months by being sucky and not having time to do anything else for The Autism Trust.... Shall I update you in my life so you known what I have been up to and I can try and feel not so bad about going AWOL 

- I got a new boss at work who is lovely and great for the company but everything went insane so I had zero time to myself to organise any kind of event - I had flat issues, so I ended up having to move home. This involved a lot of organising bills, moving all my crap into one room which overspilled to the garage, to the loft pretty much to anywhere it would fit! - I went to Rome with my lovely lovely boyfriend who puts up with all my insanity! - I got a promotion at work which was great but still piling on the work...- I have passed two (possibly three) exams - they have all merged into a big blob of accounting so who knows! 

That's about it. And that's all my excuses made for why I have been poop at fundraising recently which I am annoyed at myself for because I pledged to do this for a year.... 

Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself! I have given myself a kick up the bum and am making more time for myself / being a little bit more sneaky with my time? I am currently writing this on the train on the way to yet another exam! 
So I was sitting at home with my sister and mum (who are on a par of ridiculousness as me) trying to come up with some ideas for my next challenges.... One in August, one in September and one in October before my ball (I will come back onto this later)...

Some of the ideas were less than ideal but then my sister (who has her genius moments) came up with my next challenge... Ready....?? 

On Saturday 23rd august me and my sister (and anyone else that wants to join!) will be rollerskating from Swanley to London! 

I imagine THIS is what we will look like and not as glamorous as below!

It sounds ridiculous and it quite obviously will be. I am going to put it on a par with the 24 hours of hula hooping in that I am not an avid skater and haven't done so for many many years! But I figure.... How hard can it be?!??!?? 

The details are yet to be confirmed as this was only brainstormed the other evening but of course it needs to be MORE ridiculous so of course we will be in fancy dress! 
There will be a planned route that will see us skating through Sidcup, Eltham, Lewisham and Camberwell so you will be welcome to see us at checkpoints along the way or even meet us at our final destination (Victoria station most likely so I can get the train home and my legs have to do as little as possible after no doubt destroying them from skating 17 odd miles!).

This challenge of course will be sponsored and you can do this on my usual justgiving page ( 

Now, I think we can do it in 5 hours - this is based on google maps saying it will take 5 hours 40 minutes to walk! What would be great is if I got bonus sponsorship for doing it under this time....??? Cheeky I know! 
So obviously there will be an update closer to the time but for the moment this is the outline plan. 

In the meantime I still want to point you towards the fact that I am still holding a ball on 1st November which will be FULL of fun and entertainment, the chance to win prizes and of course dress up to the nines! 
The invitations are being designed as I speak but I wanted to put all your minds at ease that it is still going ahead and I will be releasing details very soon and that you should all save the date.... Remember, Saturday 1st November. If you are reading this on an iPhone or other such like device I know you can pop that into your diary straight from this blog so NO EXCUSES! 

As a slight side note I am holding a raffle and auction during the evening of my ball, if anyone knows of any business or organisations that is willing to donate any form of prize please let me know as I would be grateful for any help you can offer! 

Well this has been a long one but has relit the fire for doing this for such a great cause ( so watch this space! More good stuff coming up soon! 

For the time being

Hope... Out

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