Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hoping my hips are up to it

If I could make a nervous sound via typing then I would... But I can't so you will just have to imagine a pained expression upon my face

This said, I am super excited! I think this is going to be an amazing weekend of memories and I think we are going to raise a lot! Probably mostly due to the amazing cakes on their way from friends and family rather than my ability to continuously hula hoop :S but either way it will be raising awareness and money so I don't mind why it's coming as long as it's coming!

I have had THE most amazing response and I tell you there is nothing more humbling than when you have the support that I have got from friends and family. In fact I am not embarrassed to admit that I am pretty much attempting to type this through happy tears right now just because I feel so lucky that I have all these amazing people around me following me in my insane endeavours!

On the other hand those same supportive lovely people do keep dropping in the "you are CRAZY!" Which to be honest I totally understand and I have been thinking the same thing but I have managed to shout down those voices with even bigger ones that all chorus in with "you can do it! Even if your arms fall off and your hips disintegrate you can DO IT!". I, grateful for these voices, even if they are slightly upside down in their support!

So I am not going to plug the event any more today because I think you all get it and of course know what and where and why so I am going to tell you about my trip down to the autism trust on Saturday. Now it started off as a reasonably simple trip. My partner is crime, Jen, and I set off at 12:30 heading for Ascot. Thinking 2pm latest we will be there. Lovely jubbly.... Oh how wrong we were! Now I have been on a motorway before and seen the traffic that stretches miles on he other side of the road and thought "you poor sods! You don't know how long this goes on for and you literally have no choice but to sit and wait..... But HAHAHAHA I am on the other freely moving side..."
Karma. Believe in it people. It gets you eventually.
Jen and I sat in traffic for over 3 and half hours!!! It took 4 and half to get to Ascot. And I know Jen won't mind me saying but there was a detour for the two of us to the side of the road so Jen could pee.  Don't worry, she kept it classy and hid herself in the bushes! We aren't animals!

Anyway after a horrific journey down there we finally arrived at the charming little village of Sunningdale. Gorgeous place. And nestled within it is Polly's Place. This lovely little shop is where they sell handmade gifts and paintings on behalf of autistic artists. This shop supports people with autism all over the UK and in fact world. One boy who's painting hangs on the wall ready to be sold has sent his painting all the way from the USA with the big dream for his art to make it to Paris. It is half way there just waiting for someone to buy it and take it to France :)

It's a charming shop full of charming people. I met Polly Tommey, founder of The Austism Trust. An incredible woman and an inspiration to many and I am sure she won't mind me saying, bolshy, which quite frankly I loved. The centre was filled with gorgeous gifts and paintings, and on the floor Emily sitting packing orders from the online shop going to Sweden!

We had a wonderful time there and before leaving I had to buy myself a cute little bracelet made by one of the autism mothers. With, very wonderfully, a Hope pendant dangling from a pretty rope chain.

So Saturday and Sunday, when I am crippled by bruises and my arms are stinging I will remember all the faces of the kids and adults that Polly's Place is already helping and imagine the silhouettes of those it is yet to help. It will get me through, those thoughts and all the support the lovely people that will be there with me, visiting me and donating!

Thank you all so far and stay tuned because once this is over, it only gets more ridiculous!

So one last reminder.
Saturday and Sunday
8am til 8pm
Pavilion Leisure Centre Bromley
24 hours of hula hooping!

So wish me luck!!
Hope....... Out

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