Friday, 18 October 2013

I MOUSTACHE you a question

Hey hey everybody!!!

So it's half way through October which only means ONE THING..... Yep, I know you've guessed it and you are excited... It's close to the next challenge... And boy this one is a good one! 

Before I tell you about it I am gonna have a little ramble. Tell you what I've been up to. I won't go on about work or my increasingly ridiculous love life or lack of, but I will tell you about how I spent a WHOLE DAY baking cookies. It turns out I'm not bad at this baking malarkey, and once I get into it it's quite relaxing. Theraputic some would say and I definitely think baking is going to be my chosen hobby for retirement. Yes, I am aware it's a while off but I am already quite looking forward to it. I think I will spend time baking for my grandchildren, maybe the local rotary club (still not sure what they do but I think it's something to do with old people and charity, both of which I am a huge fan of!). 

Anyway, so I made a LOT of cookies (296 to be precise - not including the ones I droppedand/or broke) and then bagged them, ribboned them and spent an afternoon (which turned out to only be an hour due to shopping needs and the rain!) of walking around knocking on doors selling cookies like a stereotypical American Girl Scout :) It was not easy! Turns out the most likely to buy cookies are old people and mums with begging children... Just a thought if you ever do the same. It was harder than I thought and I didn't quite think it through when I decided to do it at 4pm on a Sunday. A LOT of people have roast dinner! I am quite glad that it is still a tradition in many homes (at least in swanley it is!). I mean I am not personally a bit roast dinner fan (gasp!) but I am glad families are still making time for this very English tradition! :) However, I made a bit of money and while telling people about my year to make a difference slowly came to the realisation that a lot of these lovely people probably then went back in to their families and imagine the conversation went like this.. "who was at the door dear?".... "Oh just some crazy girl with a moustache..." (see below)

Sightly concerned a moustache suits me in a old time gentleman way?!

Anyway I suppose I should get back to the original purpose of my ramble today. So, the reason you are getting this blog so early is because I am off on holiday tomorrow for two weeks.... I REALLY want to boast and tell you all about it because I am off to Bali for two weeks to spend girly time with two of my besties in paradise....but I won't do that because there is more important things to be doing... So, November. The challenge....

Moustache For A Month

Yep. That's right. I, Hope Anscomb am pledging to wear a moustache for a MONTH to raise money in aid of The Autism Trust. Now, I know a lot of you are probably familiar with Movember and because I kind of stole the idea from them I will be making a donation to their cause at the end of November and to make this worthwhile, my friend Dale will be doing the "man thing" and growing an "actua"l moustache for Movember. So this month we will be a hairy team and both charities will get our support!

Now, the good bit! 

I am in fact wearing a moustache for the WHOLE month and it will be worn at ALL times. That means on the tube, the train, the work, in the gym, to the pub. You name it, moustache will be present AND IF YOU SEE ME PLEASE SAY HELLO / TAKE A PICTURE! kind of like a where's Wally! :) I know, you are thinking one of two things,...
1. She won't keep it on, she will be too embarrassed
2. She is Stupid

I can tell you that you are wrong on both counts. Although if you are thinking insane rather than stupid you might be slightly correct. 

Now the AWESOME bit for you people. I am not only wearing a moustache but I am varying my moustache. I will start wearing my moustache on 1st November AS LONG AS I get to £1300 on my just giving page before then... It's on £1260 now. So that's £40 I need before I start (and I know you can drum that money up!).
Now it gets better (yes, it IS possible!). So each moustache I have (and there are 5 different ones) will require me hitting a target to wear it. Believe me you are going to want to share my blog and get the money rolling it to "Up-my-Stash". These are the following moustache stages...

£1300 - this starts me off with a gangsta style thin moustache. Quite understated but still noticeable (I am a girl wearing a moustache. ANY facial hair would be noticeable!)
£1400 - this will get me to thick and bushy. I would say this is a Tom Selleck style stash
£1500 - now we are getting a bit more serious with an Ali-G goatee... 
£1600 - this makes me Mexican!! with a fabulous gringo lip tickler
£1700 - the grand finale.... drum roll.... The Holy Grail of facial hair.... Mutton chops and boy do I WANT to get to this stage! 

Evolution of 'Stash

YOU, the lovely public are in charge of my facial hair. YOU have the power to make my chops to be as bushy as you wish. 

I will of course document my moustached journey which will in fact start in Bali, assuming we can raise the first £40 before I get back.... In fact I would love to return as Tom Selleck. If I step off the plane and 20 middle aged women faint after mistaking me for the moustached heart throb I will be a happy woman! So that's the aim and the game folks... So all that's left to say is get sharing, get spending and make me HAIRY.!.!.!

Now you should all know the link by now but if you don't here it is....

I will see you in two weeks.... And I hope to see you as my new Gangsta Alter Ego 
Don Candy Russo

So today I leave you to get to work to get me moustached! Happy rest of October!

Hope.... Out

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