Thursday, 14 November 2013

It IS a man's world!

Now, I have never wanted to be anything other than a woman. We get a wider choice of clothes, get to have long hair without being judged, when we dress up we REALLY dress up rather than just put on a shirt, we get to drink fruity cocktails again without being judged, we can have multiple orgasms, we get to fancy hotties like Ryan Gosling and Liam Hemsworth… the list could go on FOREVER!

The only thing I have ever been jealous of men for, well two things, are the fact that they usually have pretty good upper body strength and more importantly they usually (not including the bum fluffers) can grow facial hair in styles however they like! I mean, most guys could probably have a newly designed facial accessory every few weeks or so, or a month minimum! This seems a wasted opportunity to me for all those men who aren't doing Movember! What's more is that I am SHOCKED at how many men have never even HEARD of Movember! It's FOR MEN! I love men and I wouldn't have a world without them but my oh my are they useless!

I am thoroughly enjoying MY moustache. I have "upped my tash" recently and I am enjoying it more than the last. It is a little longer and therefore perfect for stroking. However, it is a little darker and therefore DEFINITELY more noticeable!

I think it is VERY 70s Porn Star, and I have found one for you to compare. His name… Dick Fisk. I am a big fan. Ok, he was in Gay porn and it was the 70s so I doubt many of you have heard of him (although perhaps some of you have so I won't rule that out!).
Here he is in his full glory…

Dick Fisk…. You can see the similarities right…!
Anyway, moving swiftly away from porn (I don't want to be picked up by the police!), I have had some interesting looks and plenty of "the nod". The very nice man (Dan) at Movember sent me this…

I enjoyed it greatly. I did manage to catch someone out the other day… I was minding my own business on a very packed train from Victoria the other night… When *FLASH*! the lady across from me had tried very sneakily to get a picture of me. Little did she know (I assume she wasn't a big iPhone buff) that her flash was still on. Caught in the act. She was soooo embarrassed which is ironic seeing as I was the one wearing a moustache in public! She was very apologetic and then asked if she could take a better one :) I of course obliged as she wanted to tweet it!

I should probably be tweeting too. I still don't quite get twitter. What do people tweet about? (or as my Swiss colleague called it twit - bless him!). I figured it is a less exciting Facebook? telling people what you are doing but rather than just bugging your friends you can bug thousands more people (assuming you have that many followers!). Well, I think I might give it a go. It seems people are using it for a reason. Maybe I will ask some of the teenage girls that get on my train to assist? Although I will also be wary, anyone looking like a 70s porn star approaching young girls is suspicious!?

So an update on the fundraising… I have raised about £120 so far but this is not enough! It is NEVER enough!
So here is my plea in the form of a limerick:

There once was a girl called Hope
She didn't mind looking a dope
So she donned a moustache
With porn star panache
But needs more donations to cope

Ok, so it needs some work but you get the idea!

Hope….. Out

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