Thursday, 7 November 2013

A wee bit tickly

Well, I am back!

If you didn't know I have been away, enjoying paradise in Bali. Now, if you haven't been or haven't even considered going you BLOODY SHOULD! It is THE most amazing place and you are all lucky I even came back!

So, on my return I have thrown myself into my next challenge. I am 7 days in and I have come to 2 conclusions….

1) London commuters are the LEAST aware people I have ever encountered. Honestly I think I could walk around with nipple holes cut into my top (and lets face it when it is THIS cold they would be quite obvious!) and I honestly don't think anyone would notice!

2) Fake eyelash glue is not particularly adhesive and I would suggest never to use it for glueing anything of importance like a bookshelf

So, I have been wearing my tash for 6 days and I am now getting used to it. Well, as used to having a moustache as I am going to get. I have found that I am restricted on smiling, talking and eating while wearing it, although this is mostly due to the glue… I haven't quite found the best ratio of glue to stash yet. Too little and it quite quickly peels off which just looks plain stupid! :P too much and the bottom half of my face is frozen. I reckon i will have it worked out just before I have to then change my moustache and the stash:glue ratio is then a problem aaaaaaaall over again!

So, really, other than wearing my moustache and smiling a little awkwardly there isn't MUCH more I can do to get people to donate. It turns out people don't aren't very chatty on the commute and often choose to ignore the fact that I am a female with a moustache?! so, I think I am going to have to bake some more cookies… As you know I am now queen of mass production of cookies and seeing as when I got back from holiday and opened the fridge only to find that i still have 8 blocks of butter I might as well get baking! :) Especially as the wonderful guys at Movember have provided me with some new cookie cutters! :D

So the first day I got back from holiday I donned my stash that morning and headed to the gym...

Getting better at selfies. It's the power of the stash!

So, off I trotted, thinking perhaps my new more masculine facial accessory might get me pumped, give me that little bit of OOMPH! I was wrong. Apparently eyelash glue is NOT sweat resistant and I was about half a set into my kettle bell swings and slowly but surely the right hand side of my cookie duster (by the way my new challenge is also to find as many new words for moustache as possible!) slid quite elegantly down onto my lip. The left hand side was soon to follow. SO unless I resort to superglue, which I am not so keen on, I think that the gym may have to be a moustache no go for the moment. I almost lost it on the victoria line yesterday! I don't think i let the glue dry for long enough!

However, I have my mo-bro Dale to pick up the slack in the gym. He has manned up (well he did after he stopped complaining about the itching!) and is joining me. So between the two of us we are now kind of in competition. Obviously I can't grow mine naturally (THANK GOD!) and am relying on the generosity of the wonderful public to grow mine!

What I would really love is for people to start looking out for me. If you have read my blog and get the same train as me or are passing me in the street then please stop me, take a picture, instagram, Facebook and all other possible social network postings!

If anyone wants to see me in particular (even if you are just checking that I am in fact wearing my stash) I am out at Club49 in Soho on Friday night. I will be donning my PARTY STASH! oh yeeeeeaaaaah! Assuming I can keep it on my face that is and it doesn't sweat off! or worse fall off into my cocktail! 

Now, I am not convinced but my mum thinks that this wearing a moustache is a great way to meet men. I am sceptical. I don't profess to be a know-it-all on what men like and don't like but I am pretty sure facial hair usually isn't on the top of their list of "what men look for in a woman"… well not according to Cosmo! I suppose it is a good talking point but as someone else mentioned… "has anyone been BRAVE enough to chat you up?". yes. brave! I did then mention to him that I rarely get chatted up without facial hair, I think if I was trying to improve my chances I would try chicken fillets and a nice dress BEFORE I try facial hair…

Also, I am not sure how I would fancy trying to kiss anyone with a tash. I KNOW it would give me the giggles like nobody's business! But still, as much as I don't think a moustache will improve my chances I am ALWAYS happy to be proven wrong. I will keep you updated ;)

Ola. My name, you ask?…… I am Hulio. 

Anyway, back to more exciting news……!

I was in a Cards Galore on Baker Street (bit of free advertising here for them!) and to my sheer delight! I came across this: 

That's right… EMERGENCY MOUSTACHES! amazing no!? and they are way better than my original Zorro stash. Plus the one I have chosen pretty much matches my hair colour so it looks soooooo natural! AND because it stays on so well I can leave it on ALL day and evening! no having to have breaks to let my lip cool down. I am growing VERY attached to it. I am concerned I won't want to take it off at the end of November! Perhaps I can have a Christmas Stash OR even go for beardecember? can we make that a thing?! I think it might catch on…..

So fuzzy! Now I know why men want a stash to stroke to think!
So here is where I remind you all why I am doing this challenge.. This month it is not only for The Autism Trust but also for Movember charity, who raise vital funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health. I love our men. The world wouldn't be the same without them so I am just as passionate about raising money for them as I am for the Autism Trust.

In case anyone is wondering how it will work, the donations I get through my just giving page will be split between the two charities for this month. So please get sharing and get as many people you can to read about what I am doing and to donate if they can! I understand that it is getting closer and closer to christmas and people are busy going out and buying presents but even £5, £2 anything! will be GREATLY appreciated! 

The money I have raised so far is already being well spent and I hope this is just the beginning! :)

Hope (and tash)…… Out 

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