Friday, 31 October 2014

Here goes nothing

"Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate" - Jon Bon Jovi

It's a friday night. I have had an emotional day which has lead to me blogging with a cup of tea, some Medeleine cakes, listening to my mum's favourite song on repeat and honestly, I am bawling my eyes out.

I do this a lot I have realised. I am usually a very put together person until I have a few cocktails and all of a sudden I am a mess of emotion. It usually starts off with some sad and ends in a bubbling mess of joy and confusing happiness!

Today my sad is that my colleague and one of my besties has her last day at work today. She has been there a year which in comparison to a lifetime is nothing, but to me, she is my lifeline at work and I see her more than I see anyone. It's a big deal to me. She is off to do better things, which I completely and utterly told her to go for. I think I may have been the main reason she left, and I wouldn't change my advice for the world but I will miss her. Then this kind of feeling usually quickly turns to appreciation. The fact that I have her as a friend and i hope a forever friend. I am a soppy whatsit really you see... 

I have been getting a bit stressed about the event tomorrow - I mean I feel quite a responsibility to the charity to raise funds for them. Especially after all the effort gone into this event tomorrow from all sorts of people. This effort is where I start to get soppy. I am so lucky to have people around me who are willing and ready to help me, whether it be friends offering to assist in fitting chair covers tomorrow to my mum ordering balloons, to my sister running up to asda for raffle tickets to people I know donating items. It suddenly dawns upon you at moments that these people don't have to help, they could not even take an interest and yet they are, which makes me feel super lucky. I think most people have these supportive friends and family in their lives and I hope everyone gets this feeling that I do once in a while, of pure appreciation and that overwhelming realisation that people love you. 

So I suppose I should tell you how it's been going regarding the ball tomorrow. I have everything under control... i think! the only thing left to do is a playlist which I am taking a break from doing right now. Then all to do it turn up, set up, then keep fingers crossed! i think once I wake up tomorrow it's all outta my hands. There is very little I can do but hope people turn up, they like the food and the event makes money.... 

The two things I am most looking forward to are probably the most non-important things!
1. the band. I love live music and i think this will really make the evening something special
2. To see what people are wearing. I very rarely get to wear anything special. I thought the only time i would get to wear something floor length and fancy would be on my wedding day! Tomorrow I get to do this AND i get to see what "ridiculous" things people are wearing!

There will of course be photos for people curtesy of the photographer from the evening Gabrielle Salter. I will ensure you all get to see them. 

So, really there isn't much more to say other than "wish me luck!" and see you on the other side!

Hope... Out!

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